Spa Services: Massage

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Swedish massage
A relaxation based massage with long strokes light to medium pressure to relax the entire body. This also promotes healthy blood flow and soothes the muscles!

$60 for an hour
$90 for an hour and a half

Deep tissue massage
Specializing in deep tissue massage using neuromuscular rehabilitation and structural integration . By using medium to deep pressure usually in specific areas and pairing this with stretching and cross fiber friction and myofascial release, this really helps chronic pain!

$70 for an hour
$105 for an hour and a half

Herbal foot scrub
A relaxation foot massage. By soaking your feet then using a sugar scrub then a massage of the feet with lotion. Helps relieve foot pain also helps blood flow and getting rid of dead skin making your feet smooth.

$20 for 20 minutes

We also offer Gift Certificates.